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About us

Our Story

Since we started helping women experiencing post-separation abuse in 2019, we learned the need for evidence-based support was far from being met.

A Garden Grows was created in response to the overwhelming pain and confusion being caused by controlling exes and to bridge the gap in support between therapists and attorneys.

We are here to help you grow from victim to survivor, with your chin up and your wings out.

Meet Anne Wintemute

Anne Wintemute is a long time resident of Northwest Denver. While working as the Head of School at an elementary school, she began supporting women navigating especially difficult divorces. Feeling called to expand her impact, Anne started A Garden Grows to offer full-time support for women experiencing post-separation abuse. She is passionate about helping women re-envision and reclaim control of their lives and protecting children from the adverse impacts of parental conflict. When she’s not with her clients or three children, you can find her tending her urban farm. In both plants and humans, it is the skillful attendance to the needs of a living thing that allows it to flourish!

Anne Wintemute

Our Approach

Each client comes to us with a different set of needs, ready to work together and mesh our combined expertise. When conflict is high, a client’s support needs may be primarily around validation, documentation and communication with any involved parties. When conflict is reduced, either temporarily or due to effective measures being in place, support may be more forward-looking and build on past learning opportunities and growth. In any case, the approach will be customized to meet the client’s unique needs and situation.

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